General terms and conditions


Thank you for choosing Soukazone.

A meeting platform for African-inspired creativity enthusiasts.

It offers its registered members the opportunity to offer and purchase African-inspired fashion products, providing exclusive access to the know-how and originality of the most prestigious Afro fashion designers in the world. On the contracting parties are the seller and the consumer and not the platform.

We are committed to providing a quality experience on Soukazone .Thereupon, maintenance operations are necessary and could compromise the availability of the service.However, we are committed to reducing inconvenience and notifying our members within a reasonable time of platform operations. For exceptional cases, unpredictable disruptions (viruses, attacks, etc.), no notice will be given.


In order to access or use certain soukazone services, you will need to create an account , required email address. It is important to ensure that you protect your account with a strong password because you are responsible for all activities performed under your profile.


Soukazone reserves the right to accept or refuse to do business with anyone. In certain circumstances, additional checks regarding your personal information or payment method may be required before accepting any transaction. Any order placed on the website implies the acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale . Any confirmation of an order for a product implies your acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale without restriction or exception.


The price of the product is always the one indicated on our platform when you place your order. Your total price will include the price of the product plus an estimate of all applicable taxes. Please note that the total price may be affected by circumstances beyond our control (e. g. exchange rates, etc.). The total price can be charged in Canadian dollars, US dollars, euros or CFA Francs on the chosen credit card account.

Soukazone gives permission to sellers to make changes to the price information posted on the website at any time, however, once the order has been placed, no price changes are allowed.


You have the right to request that your personal data on the site be transmitted to you. This information can be modified or deleted at any time. You may withdraw your consent for us to use your personal data for marketing purposes (for example, to send catalogs or newsletters).

To contact us, contact our customer service department at 915 Henri Bourassa Boulevard East, Montreal, CANADA or by email:


At Soukazone, we have taken technical and organizational measures to protect your data against loss, manipulation, unauthorized access, etc. We continuously adapt our security measures to technological advances and developments. Your data is protected by encryption. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a function that encrypts all information sent between buyer and seller.

It is important to know that your personal data is used only for the purpose of your activity on the platform and will under no circumstances be sold or transmitted to third parties. Nevertheless, transportation companies for the delivery of products use certain information required to meet the site’s commitments to its members. Much more, Soukazone can provide your personal data such as credit references or debt collection agencies for credit rating verification, identity control and debt collection purposes.